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On Fridays @ 2:30 p.m. EST through WDRBmedia at iHEART Radio, Nichole shares writing tips from discovering your creative voice to launching out into the deep with your fresh manuscript for the page, stage, screen, or social media outlet. She refreshes classic information for today’s storytellers to help them create stories that grip the audience and keep them in their seats. Using real-life experiences and expert advice learned from working with heavy-hitting entertainment moguls from the NYC and Los Angeles, Nichole doles out useful information with a twinge of mother wit and a squeeze of girlfriend flavor.


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"The Antagonist: Building better 'baddies' "

Last week, we discussed how to build strong protagonists. Today, we flip the script and discuss what we need to include in order to build better antagonists for our stories - to create the villains we hate to love and love to hate. 

Our Voices Radio 11-27-20Nichole Palmer
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"Spice up my dialogue, please!" (Part II)

Continuing the discussion from last week, we are discussing the three levels of dialogue: what's said, what's meant, and what's left out. 


"Spice up my dialogue, please!" (Part I)

Dialogue is the verbal movement of the moment to ensure that character, exposition and subtext are released in impactful ways. How does this happen? Through language choice.


"Help! I hate my characters!"

Are you writing and finding that your characters are flat? Maybe a bit weak? We're talking about how to make your characters MEMORABLE.


"So you think you have a book?"

For all those writers out there, let's talk about how to make your creative voice sing on the paper...

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